The i-LIDS library is a UK government initiative to facilitate the development and evaluation of vision based detection systems (VBDS) which meet Government requirements. The library is currently in development and is sceduled for release in 2006. Sample videos are available from the project on request (Quicktime MJPEG format on DVD), while the final version will be available for purchase on 500GB hard disks.

ILIDS is produced by the Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB) with Security Service funding and consists of real CCTV footage based initially on four different scenarios:

  1. Parked vehicles
  2. Abandoned baggage
  3. Sterile Zone
  4. Doorway surveillance

Within each scenario, certain ‘alarm events’ are defined – for example, the presence of a parked vehicle in a defined zone for more than sixty seconds. VBDS are required to report an alarm when any of these events occur in the footage, with minimal false alarm reports.

The footage from each scenario is split into three ‘datasets’, two of which will be made available to VBDS manufacturers and academics to assist the development of suitable systems. The remaining dataset will be retained by HOSDB and used to certify the detection and false-alarm performance of systems submitted to them for evaluation. Systems will be selected for inclusion in a catalogue of security equipment used for procurement in the Government estate on the basis of regular trials.