LTI-Lib Edit

The LTI-Lib [1] is an Open Source project started 1998 at the Chair of Technical Computer Science (Lehrstuhl für Technische Informatik) at the Aachen University of Technology in Germany, as part of many research projects in computer vision dealing with robotics, object recognition and sign language and gesture recognition. Nowadays it is been used all around the world, and the coordination is shared between the original Chair LTI [2] at the RWTH-Aachen [3] and the Electronics Engineering School [4] at the ITCR (Costa Rica Institute of Technology) [5].

It is an object oriented library written in C++ with algorithms and data structures frequently used in image processing and computer vision. The main goal of the LTI-Lib is to provide an object oriented library, which simplifies the code sharing and maintenance, but still providing fast algorithms that can be used in real applications.

It has been developed using GCC under Linux, and Visual C++ under Windows NT, but porting to other platforms is still possible.

More than 300 classes deal mainly with one of following fields:

  • Linear Algebra
  • Classification and Clustering
  • Image Processing and Image Analysis
  • Visualization and Drawing Tools