MoviMED was founded in 1999 by Markus Tarin for the purpose of providing consulting and integration services to the machine vision industry.

The company is located in Irvine, CA, USA in the heart of Orange County. MoviMED has extensive experience in developing state-of-the-art machine vision systems. Their capabilities


In addition to their turnkey integration services the company offers a full line of machine vision components for sale.

The offering includes:

  • Cameras (IR, UV, Visible, SMART, Line Scan, Color, Monochrome, High-Resolution, High Speed, CCD, CMOS)
  • Lenses(Zoom, Fixed Focal, Vari-Focal, Telecentric, Microscopic, Auto-Iris, Motorized)
  • Illumination(Line Lights, Back Lights, Ring Lights, Dome Lights, Collimated Lights)
  • Frame Grabbers(Camera Link, Analog, Digital, LVDS)
  • Software Solutions(Configurable Machine Vision Software, Thermography Software, Custom Software)
  • Accessories

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