ObjectVideo is the leading provider of intelligent video software for security, public safety, business intelligence gathering, process improvement and other applications. Based upon patented computer vision technology, ObjectVideo products turn video into data to detect, classify and track objects of interest according to user defined rules. Users then receive alerts in real time, allowing them to proactively address threats and other events of importance within their environment, as well as to forensically review the video data for more effective operational planning. ObjectVideo intelligent analytics are available to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as ObjectVideo OnBoard™, a digital signal processor-based program for inclusion into edge security and IT devices. The technology is being used in a variety of environments, from protecting U.S. Marines in a war zone to monitoring schools for student safety and security. It is currently deployed in more than a dozen countries, having sold more than 40,000 video channels within the last year. ObjectVideo products address the needs of a variety of vertical markets that include Homeland Security, Transportation, Banking and Education.

The company markets and sells its products through a Video Intelligent Partner (VIP) network of OEMs, integrators and leading security and IT solutions providers. ObjectVideo is the recipient of the 2005 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award and Frost & Sullivan’s 2005 Excellence in Technology Award.

ObjectVideo's industry-leading software products are ObjectVideo VEW, now in its fifth commercial release, ObjectVideo OnBoard™, and ObjectVideo Forensics. ObjectVideo VEW works with existing security infrastructures and allows users to define rules so that they can detect, classify and track potential threats to their environments - in real time. ObjectVideo OnBoard takes the same ObjectVideo VEW capabilities and packages them as embedded firmware that runs on a digital signal processor (DSP) chip inside any virtually any network device (camera, DVR, etc.). ObjectVideo VEW and ObjectVideo OnBoard use the same, easy-to-use applications to establish rules and receive actionable alerts. ObjectVideo Forensics works with ObjectVideo VEW to provide rapid analysis of collected video, allowing users to identify patterns and trends that can help them to anticipate and effectively deny future security threats.

Unlike conventional technologies, such as video motion detection, microwave, or infrared-based surveillance systems, all ObjectVideo products reduce false alarms by detecting the difference between normal occurrences, such as the movement of waves, versus a suspicious vessel near a shoreline. Additionally, ObjectVideo products work within any existing camera environment, allowing the end user to make better use of human and other technology resources.

Last edited: 04/26/2006